Beesiness The store for a better world

Introducing Beesiness: a visionary journey in sustainable commerce

Jun 28, 2023Adriane Roessler

Imagine two long-time friends, Adriane and Silene, reuniting in 2021 and sharing their aspirations for the future. Their dream was to establish a collaborative store, a space where diverse producers could come together, brands could gain visibility, and the collective impact would reign supreme. And this was the beginning of Beesiness.

Initially, they envisioned a physical store as the cornerstone of their business model. However, they quickly realized that a mere brick-and-mortar establishment would not suffice. To truly embody their vision, an online store was necessary. And so, they made the bold decision to prioritize online operations over the physical store.

For Adriane and Silene, it was evident that their endeavor must have a purpose, going beyond a mere "nice to have." They embarked on a journey to become ambassadors for sustainable production and consumption habits. With a particular focus on small and medium enterprises, they discovered something remarkable—a way to integrate their concept with a sustainability audit and own seals for sustainability. This would grant each business a sign of approval, signifying their commitment to sustainable practices.

After months of ideation, countless meetings, and invaluable feedback from friends, investors and family, Beesiness was officially born on June 1st in Germany. Silene, residing in Brazil, assumed the responsibility of overseeing operations in South America—a crucial component of their business concept. Their aim was to bring products from various countries to Europe, fostering international trade that supports sustainable practices. The vision of Beesiness aligned perfectly with the four goals outlined in the United Nations' 2030 Agenda.

Beesiness stands as a testament to the power of friendship, determination, and a shared commitment to sustainability. By embracing collaboration, supporting small and medium enterprises, and facilitating international trade with a focus on sustainability, Beesiness is poised to make a positive impact on our planet and society.


In the heartwarming snapshot, we find Silene on the left and Adriane on the right, their presence captured within the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop in Brazil—the very place where their remarkable journey began.

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