Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Beesiness?

Beesiness is an online platform dedicated to the sale of sustainable products in a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment.

2. How can I become a vendor on Beesiness?

Vendors can apply to join by submitting their information through the register form on our website sold under the category “Beesiness Product”. Approval is granted based on meeting our sustainability standards, by being audited before the vendors enters into the platform. In other words, only audited vendors can sell.

3. What criteria do vendors need to meet for qualification?

Vendors must meet our stringent sustainability standards, code of conduct and be awarded a digital seal before entering the platform. Read more about the seals in the "Beesiness Digital Seals" session.

4. How do I apply for a digital seal?

Once you register for the audit, our team will guide you through the process of obtaining a digital seal, ensuring your commitment to sustainable practices. Already in the registration process we mention what type of documents and criteria are of utmost importance for a first evaluation.

5. What is the cost of the audit?

We initiate the process with:
a) A base fee of EUR 450 per seal, plus
b) Incidental expenses related to transfers, accommodations, or meals during the audit
process. The vendor is responsible for covering these additional costs.

This approach ensures a minimal cost for obtaining a digital seal, fostering fairness among all vendors. In cases where multiple vendors undergo audits in a specific region within a specified timeframe, we have the flexibility to distribute shared costs among the participating vendors.

6. Can I sell non-sustainable products on Beesiness?

No, Beesiness exclusively promotes sustainable products. Vendors are required to align with our sustainability values and code of conduct.

7. Is there a fee for becoming a vendor on Beesiness?

Yes, there is a fee associated with the vendor application process. This helps support the maintenance and growth of our platform. Please see the fee schedule on our website.

8. How are products shipped to customers?

Vendors are responsible for shipping their products to customers. Clear shipping
information is provided on each product page.

9. Are there any restrictions on the types of sustainable products allowed on Beesiness?

We welcome a diverse range of sustainable products, but they must align with our ethical and environmental standards. Please read our Code of Conduct. Contact our team for specific inquiries.

10. How does Beesiness ensure the authenticity of sustainable claims?

Our rigorous vendor qualification process, including digital seals, ensures that all products on Beesiness meet our sustainability standards. Based on the ESRS standard and existing seals in the market, we constructed an audit that focusses on small and medium companies.

11. What happens if a customer is dissatisfied with a purchase?

Customers can follow our straightforward return process. Vendors are expected to adhere to transparent return and refund policies.

12. How does Beesiness promote sustainable practices among customers?

Beesiness regularly shares educational content and tips on sustainable living through our blog and social media channels. We also encourage a community to promote events with other vendors and with customers.

13. Can customers track their orders?

Yes, customers can track their orders using the provided shipment tracking information if they had ordered with tracking.

14. How does Beesiness handle customer data and privacy?

Beesiness takes customer privacy seriously and follows industry best practices. Our Privacy Policy provides detailed information.

15. Are international vendors accepted on Beesiness?

Yes, we welcome international vendors in Europe, who meet our sustainability criteria. The application process is the same for all vendors.

16. How does Beesiness support vendors in marketing their products?

Beesiness offers various marketing tools and features, including featured product
placements, to showcase vendor products effectively.

17. Can customers leave reviews for products?

Yes, customers are encouraged to leave reviews to share their experiences with products. This helps build trust within the Beesiness community.

18. What happens if a vendor fails to meet sustainability standards after qualification?

Vendors must maintain their commitment to sustainability. Failure to do so may result in a review process or removal from the platform.

19. How often are digital seals renewed?

Digital seals are audited and renewed annually, subject to a review of continued adherence to sustainability standards.

20. How can I stay updated on Beesiness news and announcements?

Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media for the latest updates, news, and sustainable living tips.