Beesiness Sustainable Digital Seals

The Beesiness Digital Seals are our means of transforming consumer relations and supporting sustainable trade in the recovery of the ecosystem of natural resources.

Seals Categories

Beesiness offers to audit vendors in the following categories:

Vegan Beesiness Seal

Intended for products whose manufacturing process, including the raw materials used and testing, is free of components and ingredients of animal origin.

Organic Beesiness Seal

Free production of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals, processes focused on the promotion of animal health and welfare, absence of genetic engineering and additives in food.

Fair Trade Beesiness Seal

Aimed at producers who care about trade relations between peers, they value productive actions that make up the valorization of products and services reflecting both the sustainability of their chain and the preservation of the environment.

Residual Management Beesiness Seal

Intended for producers who develop waste-generating processes and products that can be introduced to a new process of manufacturing new products. Helping to transform waste into economy and income streams added.

Zero Waste Beesiness Seal

For producers who operate with environmental responsibility and in a more efficient manner. Productive practices that reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste and the extraction of natural resources.

Efficient Water Use Beesiness Seal

Intended for producers who demonstrate conscious water usage in the production process and/or product innovation, as well as organizational actions aimed at groundwater recovery.

Social Inclusion Beesiness Seal

For producers who recognize the need to develop initiatives that encompass the equal participation of individuals or minority groups. These actions should promote inclusivity, acceptance, and respect for all individuals.

Energy Efficient Use Beesiness Seal

For producers who demonstrate conscious energy usage, leading to savings, cost reduction, and contributions to environmental preservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the conservation of natural resources.

Assessment of Sustainability Levels

We understand that achieving 100% in sustainability is a huge challenge. The assessment of sustainability levels for the classification of the seals mentioned in this contract will be determined by the sum of the scores of the requirements after analysis and verification of the accuracy of the information for each seal. Procedural documents, such as on-site inspections to analyze the accuracy of the information and the compatibility of the requirements of the Beesiness Sustainability Classification Program, will be accepted for the classification of levels.

The classification levels will be identified for each Beesiness Sustainability Seal as follows:

1 Gold Level
2 Silver Level
3 Bronze Level
    Gold-image         Silver-image        Bronze-image


    After registering in the Beesiness platform for pre-qualification, aligned with our code of conduct, the vendor can choose the seal(s) he wants to be audited.

    The assessment process of the procedures adopted by the vendor for the product's production processes may, in addition to the standardized documents, involve technical visits to both the contractor's headquarters and branches, as well as to input suppliers.

    The vendor must provide the documentation and facilitate the release of technical visits in accordance with the previously agreed-upon schedule. Throughout the analysis, Beesiness may request additional documentation, resubmission of calculations, or any other information or factors to confirm the accuracy of the information. We keep our rights to perform audits, either through our own team or third-party auditors, via digital means or through technical visits.

    Certificate Emission

    The Beesiness Sustainability Classification Certificate will be issued in digital form, with each seal and its corresponding levels based on the score achieved. Only after receiving the sustainability classification can the contractor be included in the global Beesiness marketplace platform, subject to signing the platform inclusion contract.

    The use of the Beesiness sustainability classification is reserved exclusively for the marketing of products on the global Beesiness platform. They are not available in physical form and cannot be used and transferred to other online platforms.

    Cost of Seal Audit

    Registration for pre-qualification can be acquired under products in our online platform. The first evaluation costs EUR 50. 

    After the pre-qualification we initiate the process with:

    a) A base fee of EUR 450 per digital seal, plus

    b) Incidental expenses related to transfers, accommodations, or meals during the audit process to go to your premisses. The vendor is responsible for covering these additional costs.

    This approach ensures a minimal cost for obtaining a digital seal, fostering fairness among all vendors. In cases where multiple vendors undergo audits in a specific region within a specified timeframe, we have the flexibility to distribute shared costs among the participating vendors.