Vendor registration for Beesiness Platform



Welcome to our sustainable Beesiness platform! To ensure a secure and ethical shopping experience, we have implemented a streamlined access process. Here's a simple guide to get started:

Access Purchase:

To gain access to our premium shop, customers are required to purchase a subscription or access pass. You can conveniently buy your access here. 

Login Credentials:

After completing the access purchase, you will receive login credentials. Use these details to log in to our platform and explore a world of unique products and services.

Acceptance of General Terms and Code of Conduct:

Before accessing the shop, it is mandatory to accept our General Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. These guidelines ensure a respectful and secure environment for all users. You'll find the acceptance option during the login process.

Option of a Seal:

Please note that it is not necessary to have a valid digital seal before accessing the platform and buying it here. The seal serves as a testament to your commitment to ethical practices, creating a trustworthy community within our platform. If you don't have one yet, we invite you to read about our audits and apply for it. 

By adhering to these steps, you not only secure your access to our shop but also contribute to maintaining a high standard of integrity within our user community.


Our Promise