Audit Registration


This is the submission to the audit examination process in accordance with our Code of Conduct available on our platform! We appreciate your interest in complying with our standards and are pleased to guide you through the certification journey. Please take note of the following steps and conditions for a successful audit examination:

1. First Questionnaire:

  • You will receive a questionnaire. Please answer all questions in as much detail as possible to enable a comprehensive assessment.
  • Our expert team will analyze your responses and may request additional information if necessary.

    2. Submission of Documents:

    • After that please send the first relevant documents according to the requirements in the questionnaire. Ensure that all requested documents are complete and legible.
    • The audit team will review the documents to ensure they meet the specified standards.

      3. Agreement to the Code of Conduct:

      • Prior to the actual examination, agreement to the Code of Conduct is required. Ensure that you fully understand and accept the principles and guidelines.
      • Agreement is done online through the questionnaire. The link is available on our website.

        4. Audit Examination:

        • After successful document submission, and choice of audit as well as the questionnaire completion, an audit appointment will be scheduled. This could be an on-site examination or a virtual session, depending on circumstances and choice of audit category.
        • The audit team will review your business practices in line with the Code of Conduct and provide any improvement suggestions.

          5. Seals and Additional Information:

          • Certification will be confirmed with an official digital Beesiness seal that distinguishes your company as one committed to ethical business practices.
          • Further details about the seals and associated explanations can be found at Beesiness Sustainable Digital Seals

            For additional information or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We appreciate your commitment and look forward to welcoming you as a certified member of our ethical business network.


            Our Promise