Terms for Buyers

Our goal is to offer an exceptional buying experience and top-notch customer service to all shoppers on our marketplace. To achieve this, we seek your assistance. Kindly take note of the following principles for your orders on Beesiness.

1. Revocation

Buyers are entitled to a right of revocation and return from commercial sellers within the revocation period. The sellers specify the withdrawal period in their cancellation policy. The seller's cancellation policy can be found in the corresponding shop on the Beesinessmarketplace. The revocation must be addressed to the seller.

In the event of a revocation, please do not return the product freight collected, this will only cause high acceptance costs for the seller. Send the item to the sellers as a simple registered mail or as a parcel so that you can prove the return in the mail if it is lost. The possible refund of the resulting return postage will be regulated by the seller's cancellation policy.

2. Beesiness-Service

In the event of loss of an item in the mail, Beesiness will refund you the full purchase amount,including postage, subject to the following provisions. If Beesiness is not itself the seller of the item, discrepancies due to an item not received must be reported to Beesiness's customerservice via the contact form within two weeks of the end of the agreed delivery period. At alater point in time, it is often not clear to us or the relevant sellers how or where the item waslost. Insofar as Beesiness is not itself the seller of the item, we will not refund the purchase price if:

  1. The buyer did not notify the buyer of the non-receipt in time, or
  2. Sellers can prove receipt of the item by presenting a delivery confirmation.

Your statutory warranty rights vis-à-vis sellers are not affected by the above provisions.

3. Return/Complaint of Purchased Items

If you wish to return a purchased item to a seller for other reasons, please first open a complaint via our customer service and coordinate with Beesiness regarding the further modalities. Please do not return the product freight collected. See point 1. Revocation.

4. Undeliverable Parcels

If a shipment is returned to the seller as undeliverable due to an address error caused by you (e.g. incorrect entry in the order process or missing name on the doorbell sign), the respective shipping service provider will charge additional postage costs for the return shipment. As aresult, the package will be treated as a return. Under these circumstances, sellers are entitled to deduct the additional return costs from you in the course of booking returns.

5. Legal Capacity

By registering and/or placing an order, buyers confirm that they are of legal age, have full legal capacity and are able to pay the purchase price and in accordance with Beesiness’ Code of Conduct.