Shipping Policy

1. Location Requirements

Sellers on the Beesiness Marketplace must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The registered office and warehouse must be within the European Union (EU).
  • Goods must be sold and dispatched exclusively from a warehouse within the EU.

2. Returns and Returns Policy

Note: Buyers often purchase from multiple sellers in one order, receiving several packages. To avoid confusion, sellers must include comprehensive return information with each parcel.

  • Include a printed return form with instructions in each package.
  • German Return Address: Sellers decide whether to bear direct return costs or pass them on to the buyer.
  • Return Address Outside Germany: Sellers are responsible for covering the direct costs of returns.
  • The cancellation policy must specify who bears the direct return costs. For example: "We bear the direct costs of the return."

3. Free Returns and Parcel Label

If offering free returns, provide a pre-printed return label with the package. Alternatively, include a link to the returns portal in the password-protected area under Shipping/Returns Conditions.

  • Ideally, a QR code on the return form should lead to the returns portal.
  • Clearly explain on the return form if return labels are only provided upon request.

4. Parcel Insert

  • Prohibited : Including advertising material (flyers, vouchers, etc.) in packages.
  • Allowed : Product information related to the shipped product.

5. Tracking

If goods are shipped with tracking, sellers must store the tracking information in the shop backend for each order.

6. Third-Party Fulfillment Service Providers

Sellers are prohibited from using the "Fulfillment by Amazon" (FBA) service.